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Your Program and/or Project Delivery Performance May Be "Stuck in the Past"

March 19, 2014

People have fundamentally changed the way they live, work and interact. How organizations lead and manage their cultures need to evolve and reflect those changes. Many issues involving program and/or project performance could be potentially "stuck in the past” doing what they have always done and get lost or caught up in day to day project activities. It’s easy to understand how that can happen but it is important to occasionally take a step back and examine performance and evaluate improvement opportunities.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
- Albert Einstein

Global competition continues to be fierce and, at times, unforgiving and demands both our clients and ourselves to be better, faster and cheaper. That includes the delivery of projects. We cannot just sit back and hope that improvements will make it through an undefined, erratic and unknown process.

The world’s pressure for performance will not wait. Camargo Associates has deployed the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP®) as a way of meeting today’s challenges. This process has been created for you to utilize in order to clarify and focus your efforts and activities. (See the diagram below.)

Continuous Improvement Process (CIP®)

CIP® is a multi-step process that is generally conducted in a facilitated workshop over several meetings that engage key participants from both the client’s organization and our own organization. The primary purpose of the process is to determine how to improve the delivery of projects. Additionally, it could be focused on other relevant topics such as asset management, safety, logistics, contractors, et al, etc.

We, along with our clients, are in a "sweet spot” position when it comes to the knowledge base of the latest best practices, technology and innovative trends going on in the world today. We don’t have just the experience of a few key clients, or even several clients in one business area; we know hundreds and hundreds of organizations in all parts of the world, virtually from every market segment. Understanding of what’s good and bad and everything in between, and generally having first mover knowledge and experience in many of our lines of businesses positions us to help our clients in a far greater manner than other expensive business consultants. It is important that we share, as business appropriate, that knowledge and expertise with them. Our clients cannot "get there” as quickly as they could if we do not help them make it happen.

Some of our clients occasionally have limited ability and resources of information that is happening outside their world when it comes to non-core expertise, particularly in the global market. Camargo Associates is well positioned to give clients a real competitive advantage financially, technically and with safety.

Whether drastic and rapid or subtle shifting dynamics, it’s important to be aware of and react to constant industry changes. Camargo Associates will help your company recognize industry trends and guide you through the CIP® process for more effective project delivery and maximum company value.

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