Engineering, Construction and Industrial Industries

The Founder

W. Christopher "Chris" Luther, PE

W. Christopher Luther, PECamargo Associates, LLC was founded by W. Christopher "Chris" Luther; an accomplished leader with assertive entrepreneurial drive and exceptional skills in building strong, long-term project relationships. With over 40 years of global experience in technical engineering, architecture, procurement, construction and infrastructure, Mr. Luther formed the foundation of successes in management responsibilities in complex engineering and construction fields.

He has a broad scope of technical and management expertise combined with confidence, drive, and communication skills. An accomplished writer, he has authored several industry-specific “proprietary books”. These have covered critical engineering, procurement, and construction issues associated with project performance as it relates to both owners and their partners alike. As a speaker, he has a strong focus on commitment.

Areas of Specialized Knowledge

InterActive Planning (IAP)

Mr. Luther is recognized as an authority in the field for the creation and successful development and implementation of an innovative “Interactive Planning” process; which builds individuals into cohesive and productive project teams.

In 1986 he took a “kernel” of an idea and developed and evolved the process over many years. Today, this innovation has step-changed the manner in which many projects are initiated and developed throughout the world.

He has facilitated more than 500 major interactive planning meetings globally. Over a ten year period, he has formally trained over 2000 professionals in the effective uses and special techniques of the “Interactive Planning” process.

Owner/Contractor Performance Improvement

Mr. Luther continues to undertake the significant responsibility of “transitioning and transforming” owners/contactors from a worst in class performance in EPC environment by establishing a clearly detailed and understood path to “Best in class” performance.

He is considered an expert in assessing and understanding the “sometimes” obscure results of third party “benchmarking” initiatives, leading to quantifiable and concrete actionable improvements.

Utilization of Leading Edge Solution Process and Tools

He developed several effective and innovative tools to analyze; “lean” evaluate (Lean Decision Modeling) and assess work processes and complex problems. These are carefully applied to pre-empt performance issues in the capital effectiveness and efficiency areas of investment delivery. In addition he led and managed the performance initiative using a “Structured Change Process” with his clients.

Integrated Project Delivery Teams

Mr. Luther is experienced in Start-up and Transformation including joint ventures, alliances of all types, partnerships and on-going project services. In the recent past, he had corporate responsibility for all alliance operations worldwide. In this role he provided guidance and leadership for both the transitional start-up as well as on-going support to over 120 alliances.


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