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Facilitated Workshops and Training Programs

Camargo Associates provides formal training onsite as well as facilitated workshops at various locations and venues. The training program is provided on site and customized to meet the current needs of the relationship. Our jointly held, hands-on, leadership workshops are conducted over a two to three day period.

The purpose is to focus on "Leadership and Accountability" jointly as a team. These sessions would include both us and clients’ key team members.

The course content is flexible and can be customized to focus on programs in start-up/transition or in transformational stages. It can also be customized to target "topical" issues such as Lean Six Sigma, cost predictability, etc.

The workshops are conducted by professional facilitators/trainers utilizing important processes and tools. Utilizing a robust, hands-on agenda we employ a "Structured Change Management" process including rigorous problem solving tools to insure significant improvements in transitional issues as well as steady state.

Problem Solving Tool Example
Cost Predictability and Forecast Accuracy

As a team, we must do more than manage projects; we must manage the performance improvement of projects. One way that we build such a partnership is through our change management process. "Structured Change Management" is not about managing changes in project scope, it is about managing the "people side" of change.

Therefore, we have developed an interactive, multi-day course that brings together key personnel from your management team and ours, where we will develop a comprehensive solution to the challenge(s) resulting in long-term success.

The workshop course can be focused on case studies, or important issues currently facing the relationship, utilizing the following steps:

STEP 1 - Problem Identification

The participants will, together, create Causal Diagrams or Cause and Effect Diagrams leading to a Group Visual (Mental) Model (VM) of the key variables involved or we will utilize a tool called Lean Decision Matrix. We will strive not to treat symptoms, but to identify the root cause.

We believe by proper analysis, a minor improvement can have a dramatic affect on the results. In addition, generally the system or the lack thereof, is the root cause, consequently, procedures or work instructions can be developed and/or modified and training provided throughout.

STEP 2 - Possible Solutions

Utilizing additional visual methods we will determine options in order to more fully understand possible solutions.

STEP 3 - Decision Making / Determining "The Solution"

Aware of possible solutions, we will evolve and develop a robust solution that will have the most significant impact on the challenges that face us.

We endeavor to avoid "hip-shoot" decisions and utilize processes based on collaboration by identifying a range of options and evaluating pros and cons resulting in well thought out, effective solutions.

STEP 4 - Preparing for Implementation

This step involves developing our solution management strategy which could include preparing the change management team, identifying sponsors and stakeholders, and the development of effective sponsorship. Key to this step is the development of an effective communication plan.

We will develop a framework which describes the elements in terms of:

a) Leadership

b) Project Management

c) Change Management

STEP 5 - Managing the Implementation

In Step 5 we will develop and implement a change management plan. This plan will include actions including who, what, when, and where. In addition, we will modify project procedures, appropriate work process maps, and implementation of appropriate training.

STEP 6 - Reinforcing the Implemented Solution

In this step we will determine how we will collect and analyze feedback, as well as audit for compliance and effectiveness. In addition, we will identify additional root causes, and implement corrective actions. This step also involves providing recognition for our successful implementation.


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