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Testimonials and References

Satisfaction Guaranteed"Many thanks for your facilitation of the workshop... It did seem at one point during the meeting that we would not have time to complete the work identifying the priority areas but we managed to get there so thank you! I was also pleased to see that everyone attending seemed to get something out of the session, which was quite an achievement."

"... I have taken all of our notes and have drafted a Program Improvement Plan for the next few years. We reviewed this today at the monthly Program Steering Committee meeting and intend to develop it further at a scheduled meeting with... We want to take the document and turn it into a plan that everyone involved in the program can relate to and feel they own. As you clearly identified we are only part of the delivery mechanism, we are going to rely on the Project Managers and their teams to deliver the actual improvements."

"Thanks again for your help in getting the ball rolling. The desire to improve is now clearly understood, we just need to deliver the improvements."