Engineering, Construction and Industrial Industries

Why Do We Exist?

Camargo Associates, LLC is a small but growing professional organization of program and project delivery experts. We exist to provide guidance, expertise and knowledge which, when implemented, offer significant “value added” to our clients. We are the place that people come to learn how to provide better and efficient project delivery services to their stakeholders.

Teamwork - Management ConsultingToday, many specialist support groups and organizations (within both private companies and government agencies) provide service and support to design, engineer, procure and construct and start up new investments. These are in the form of new buildings, renovated facilities, new and renovated industrial plants, both greenfield and brownfields, infrastructure and the like.

Generally, all organizations want to improve. Many even know what those general improvements might be defined as but they are not sure how to fully implement them within their groups. Camargo Associates, LLC was founded because of the unmet need from those organizations to provide improved performance and return on investment and benefits to their users and stakeholders. We believe in offering neutral and un-biased recommendations.